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Who It All Starts With

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Founder and President

Ms. Jordynn Wilson, Founder and President of our team, is responsible for running the organization using her outstanding leadership and collaborative skills.  She works diligently to assure the execution of event planning, gatherings and the overall Now and Laters Club experience for our members and staff.  Jordynn has been with the organization since it’s origin.  At the age of 18, she graduated from Westlake High School as a Magnet and International Baccalaureate student and has proceeded to begin her journey to become a licensed Esthetician.  While in school, Jordynn enjoys journaling, working out, spending time with her friends and personal downtime to meditate or simply be within herself.  Jordynn is a strong advocate, preparing youth for what they are to encounter in the future.   She believes that the Wisdom and Guidance module is just as significant as the knowledge and information courses given during the general school years of a student’s experience.  Jordynn aims for the best results when it comes to the details and workings of Now and Laters Club, which is why she is such a great board member for our organization.

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Executive Director

Ms. Camille Mayfield, Executive Director of Now & Laters Club, helped to create the organization in July 2018 and has been an active board member since.  Prior to Now & Laters Club, Camille was a tutor for students K-11 and gained a passion for helping others through teaching!  This new found passion generated outside of the classroom inspired her to teach more students in this age bracket but this time about things she felt were necessary and pertinent as basic life skills.  Camille felt there were varying life skills that were not being taught inside the classroom and decided that her calling was to help address this absence.  She, alongside her peers, felt that it was important to emphasize fundamental life skills that were needed far beyond school – especially given the social justice climate that exists – thus creating Now & Laters Club as a means to that end. Camille is a proud graduate of Westlake High School Class of 2020!  Throughout High School, she actively participated in sports as well as other school-based clubs.  She thoroughly enjoyed playing volleyball for her school as well as engaging in community service projects through National Honor Society, however, Now & Laters Club was her favorite extra curricular function as she loved to speak passionately to others about things that were of interest to her.  She graduated with a 3.8 GPA and was a member of the Magnet/International Baccalaureate program all four High School years.  In her spare time, Camille enjoys reading, meditating and relaxing in Piedmont Park.  Camille believes that if you change your perspective you can change your life.  She dedicates her time to Now & Laters because she loves to help people.  One day she hopes to be a motivational speaker and travel the world sharing her perspectives!

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Development Director

Mr. Vincent Batts, Development Director, joined the team in the organization’s transition to a larger scale delivery model with related methods, complementing the school’s curriculum.  Vincent’s main goals were to help re-brand the organization and assist in marketing future events, offering public awareness of non-profit initiatives and maintaining the technological platforms this organization operates.  Aside from his involvement in many clubs and part time jobs at research facilities and stores, Vincent feels his computer-based knowledge complements the already set foundation the organization was built and has enjoyed working diligently with other Board officials.




Ms. Jada Lavender, Director of Now and Laters Club Inc., has been an active board member since the start of the organization in early 2019.  Prior to joining, Jada spent a year tutoring K-12 and was a member of Westlake High School’s Magnet program for her entire High School studies.  Through these experiences, Jada witnessed an absence of foundational principles for life being offered and she was driven to take action.  She finds joy in teaching others.  Through this organization, Jada, alongside her peers, has been able to better prepare youth participants for life’s struggles and has helped shorten the gap between real-world applicable skills being taught and ultimately learned.  Jada is committed to supporting and equipping all students with the abilities they will need to be successful in life.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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