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The Law of Attraction

What is The Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is the ability to attract whatever you want or desire based off what your focus is on.

This is done through energy.

What you tend to focus on is what you tend to give your energy to.

Since everything revolves around energy, what you give your energy to is what you attract

into your reality.

This takes effect in when we have bad days.

Say you stub your tub one morning, and it really hurts. The frustration from the pain of stubbing your toe and it's continued presence will be the energy you put out, hence making the rest of your day worse.

Sounds familiar?

Want to prevent that?

Well with the law of attraction and truly understanding it, you can.

We should get into the habit of knowing what we want and deliberately acting on these feelings to attract them into our reality.

When something bad happens that has the potential to ruin your mood, don't get really worked up about it.

Be like "okay that happened, let me let it go and go about the rest of my day".

Once we get out of the habit of letting these affect us deeply, we can start realizing how much more positive we can bring into our daily lives by shifting our energy towards what we want to attract.

So have a good day!

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