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Overcoming Expectations and Societal Norms

We are here to live the human experience.

We are here to create our own experience and at the same time co-creating experiences with others.

In this process, we tend to create paradigms that become norms for our society.

In a way this is good but on other sides it's detrimental to becoming true individuals.

Some of these paradigms are:

The value of money

The importance of college

Laziness is bad

You need to work extremely hard to obtain the things you want in life.

These paradigms while true in some cases ruin the human experience, set

societal norms and expectations people may not want to live up to and honestly

aren't obligated to live up to.

Anything we want to possess or do, we can have, as long as we desire it.

Societal norms and paradigms create spaces that limit us and the influence of limitation

keeps us from attracting what we truly desire.

Get in the habit of breaking the program and allow yourself to live to your

fullest potential.

You are the leader of your own life. Yes, you can have guidance but ultimately the

life you live is up

- pull back and make decisions for yourself.

- understand you are not obligated to do anything for anyone (if it doesn't align with your values).

- understand it is your right to live for yourself

- do what you want and what is in your control

- understand you along with everyone else has something special to offer

We all are human at the end of the day.

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