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Overcoming Undesirable Situations

A lot of times it's hard for us to stay positive in situations that are right in front of our face.

No matter what kind of situation you are in, you are going to experience toxic people.

The way to deal with these situations and individuals.

Take the good with the bad.

We often times try to change other people and not focus on ourselves. You

can not control everything. You can only control how you feel and what it is

you want to attract. Your point of attraction is all that matters.

It's okay to find yourself in these predicaments but understand that when you do

find yourself around these types of people or in these types of predicaments, you need to remain positive.

You want to stay positive. You want to be cognoscente of how you feel in every moment. You will focus on the good not the bad.

Be conscious and aware of how you feel and from there take steps to make yourself feel better.

Think of these going good for you.


Listen to music.

Think of whatever makes you happy.

Look towards your goals.

Be with yourself and allow yourself to feel that negative emotion, then move from that point on.

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